Rise and Shine Bingo 07.00-12.00 CET

Free games and many offers are available as part of our breakfast club promotion. Here you can find offers such a Free Double Bingo Tickets, buy one Bingo Ticket and get two for free, and your share of the winnings if you’re only one or two numbers away from Full House. So jump out of bed every morning with loads of chances to win in the Bingo breakfast club!

The total overview of the full breakfast of Bingo you can find in the two tables below:

Daily Morning Bingo Offers:

DayTimeRoomGameTicket PrizesPrizes
Monday07.00 – 10.00The GrandBuy 2 Get 1 Free, 2 To Go, Roll on£1£70 Guaranteed Prizes
Tuesday08.00 – 11.00SupersonicFree Bingo Games£0,15£20 Guaranteed Prizes
Wednesday08.00 – 11.00The Glamour HallFree Bingo Games£0,15£20 Guaranteed Prizes
Thursday07.00 – 10.00The GrandB2G1F, 2 To Go, Roll On£1£70 Guaranteed Prizes
Friday08.00 – 11.00SupersonicFree Bingo Games£0,15£20 Guaranteed Prizes
Saturday10.00 – 12.00Glamour HallBingo£0,50 (Max 10)£65 Guaranteed Prizes + £350 Community Jackpot
Sunday08.00 – 12.00The MysteryBingo£0,01 - £0,05£30 Guaranteed Prizes + £150 Fixed Jackpot


Weekly Morning Bingo Offers:

DayTimeRoomGameTicket PrizesPrizes
Every Day07.00 – 10.00
(Weekends 07.00 – 09.00)
The GrandBuy one ticket get one free, Early Bird Roll on£1£200 Community Jackpot on call 60 and £70 guaranteed prize pool
Every Day07.00 – 10.00
Glamour HallDaybreak games and roll onFrom £0,25 - £0,30

£40 guaranteed prize pool and roll on prizes

Every Day07.00 – 11.00
(Weekends 08.00 – 24.00)
The MysteryFree games every hour between 08.00 - 12.00£0,01-£0,05£150 fixed jackpot every game on a call of 50 or less
Every Day08.00 – 11.00SupersonicFree Bingo games£0,15£20 guaranteed prize pool for every game


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