How to play online pontoon – the complete guide

August 3, 2016

If you are a fan of table game online blackjack, then at some point or another you’ve probably considered playing online pontoon as it looks very similar. However, there are some major differences in play when it comes to these two table games.

To start with, the dealer doesn’t the deal any up cards so you will have to make all your decisions based on the cards you have in hand. Furthermore, getting 5 cards will give you a hand that only loses to a pontoon, and all five-card hands are equal in this game. You can only stand when you have 15 or more.

How to play online pontoon

Your strategy in this game is based around adjusting from standard blackjack strategic principles based on the chances to the rules listed above. Your target is to create a better hand than the banker’s – Cards must total as close to 21 as possible without going over.

Stick: Ask for no more cards, because you are happy with the total (although you cannot stick on less than 15).

Twist: Ask the banker to turn over the next card face up. You can do this up to three times, or until you are bust.

Buy a card: Pay a further stake to receive another face-down card from the banker. You can do this up to three times. You can opt to twist after buying, but never to buy after twisting.

Split: If you hold two cards of the same value. In this case you turn up both cards, with a bet on each; the banker deals one more face down to each, and you play both hands as normal.

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