Learn the basics of Online French Roulette

June 8, 2016

Another variation of the classic online roulette game is the French Roulette which gained increasing popularity following the French Revolution. Compared to European and American Roulette, this popular casino game offers the lowest house edge of any other roulette game available.

Played on a standard European type wheel, this variant comes with two additional game play rules: La Partage and the En Prison rule.

Both these game play rules kick in once a zero has spun in, and if you are playing French Roulette with the En Prison rule, then all bets placed on the even money paying bets stay on the table for the next spin.

If you’re playing the variant with the La Partage rule, then all even money paying wagers which have been placed when a zero spins in, have half their value returned to players.

Different types of French Roulette Bet Types

Because several betting propositions available on the betting layout are in French, we have created the below quick guide to help you better understand these positions:

  • Manque – Numbers 1 to 18
  • Passe – Numbers 19 to 36
  • Rouge – All Red numbers
  • Noir – All Black numbers
  • Premier Douzaine – 1st dozen numbers 1 to 12
  • Moyenne Douzaine – 2nd dozen numbers 13 to 24
  • Dernière Douzaine – 3rd dozen numbers 25 to 36

Get ready to enjoy one of the most loved roulette variants around. Happy spinning!

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