When should you stand in online blackjack?

April 20, 2016

This is one of those questions which is often asked by online blackjack players. This is a fairly easy question to answer as it replied on whether you might go bust if you hit and ask for an extra card.

If your blackjack hand is of a value of 11 or even lower, then your chances of busting are close to nil. You can easily reach the hand value of 21 making you an instant winner.

Different scenarios in online blackjack

You’ll start having problems when your hand is of a value of 12 or more. If you have 12 in hand and hit a 10 you will most definitely go bust. On the other hand, if you stand you only have a hand value of 12 which is highly unlikely that it will lead to a win. The chance of losing out though is significantly higher if you stand.

There is no straightforward answer. It largely depends on the dealer’s face up card and on whether you have a hard or a soft hand but it also relies on the exact rules of the blackjack variant you are playing.

With a soft hand you can be more aggressive. If you exceed 21, you can always convert an ace from 11 to 1 so it would be best to hit up to hand value of 17. It would be best to always stand when you have 19 or more.

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